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The classical Breitling series watches

15Breitling Bentley Series
This replica breitling series also symbolized by the winged B; followed the traditional exquisite technology and top-ranking aesthetic standard. Breitling cooperate with Bentley in 2002 and cooperation has nearly 10 years. Breitling Bentley superocean chronograph is the gift for Auto-World, this watch carry with Breitling high performance movement which pass the COSC. High technology match with elegant aesthetics make this watch give off dazzling shine. This watch specially designed for the professional connoisseur.

Breitling Avenger series
The traditional watch making technology of Breitling includes four elements: solid and reliable, excellent function, precise and accurate, aesthetic perception. The design philosophy of Breitling Avenger comes from the four elements – the rock-solid stain watchcase which has strong practical function, extraordinary performance and robust lines design. The whole design of this replica breitling uk is full of strong sports breath. No matter in any environment, this watch still keeps constant outstanding performance. Many people who pursuits of high performance watch want to get this kind of Breitling Avenger.

Breitling Chronoliner Series
With the development of aircraft industry, the pilots need accurate and reliable instrument to assist flight. In 1936, rolex has joined hands Royal Air Force and became the nominated supplier. In 1952, Breitling launched the first number 806 ” Chronoliner watch and since then the pilots had their own wristwatch. This Breitling Chronoliner exquisite and practical, equipped with Breitling original Circular Slide Rule, and also honored as the “airborne computer”. So the Breitling Chronoliner was favored by pilots and flight enthusiasts even became the official watch of AOPA.