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The Beauty of Crystal—Cartier Launching New Skeleton Watches

Tank Louis Cartier inherits Cartier’s element and displays two styles that is exclusive to Cartier—the grace of Tank Louis Cartier and the crystal of the movement. Invented in 1917, Cartier shapes its own style and Tank Louis Cartier is considered the model for Cartier’s elegance. Decades after, now Cartier launches novelties, and emanates a real modern sense. At the meantime, the crystal is part of Cartier that could not be missed out in Cartier watches, since the first mysterious clock in 1912 to the skeleton movement in 1930, and now the latest complication watches. All of them has perfect performance. 

cartier tank replica

cartier tank replica

Carefully-designed Skeleton Movement

Tank Louis Cartier carves a new view of designing an art movement whose movement plate is made of sapphire. Such a crystal material is usually applied to make watch mirror, but Cartier does more with it. This design become exclusive to Cartier. Now let’s return to its performance. 9616 movement is around by a closely connected, floating metal ring that depict the running of the movement. The circular bridge connects those metal rings and thus brings a harmonious beauty to Tank Louis Cartier. The abstract and modern Cartier is considered to the best model for fusion of appearance and technology.

Designers from Cartier was inspired by the tank from French in World War I, and then designed upon it. Back in that time, Cartier Tank went a different way in designing the case, which is a great shock to the world, but it stuck to itself and finally gained tremendous popularity in the world. Although there are quite a lot of them imitating Cartier Tank, nobody ever surpassed them, and this is genuinely perfect. Cartier is going to fit it with a quartz movement. Quartz movement runs precisely than the ordinary mechanical movement and easy to maintain.

IWC and Tribeca Film Festival

Tribeca Film Festival was found by Robert De Niro, a famous Hollywood start, Jane Rothensal, famous film producer from CBS, and Craig Hatkoff, Rothensal’s husband. Mr.hatkoff is pretty famous in America. He is not a tycoon in real estate and centimillionaire, he is also a children literature writer as well as a film commemtator and charitarian. Tribeca is a place of New York. It is the abbreviation of Triangle Below Canal Street. Tribeca locates in the southwestern of Manhattan. 

This place was hit seriously after 911, which is reason why the three guys hold this festival. As the founder of this festival are celebrities in film, industry and business who have great influence, approximately 3 million people joined the festival and generated 600 million dollars of box office. All those revenue will be donated to the reconstruction on New York City and help poor people. Three charitarians ranks 13th globally. Many mysterious starts out of focus will also attend. Some blockbusters will choose this festival as their debut.

iwc watches replica

iwc watches replica

IWC started cooperated with Tribeca in 2013. And the Portuguese watch whose case is made of platinum, while time indexes, hands, small second are made of rose gold. What’s more, power indicator has red wine color, which corresponds to the red carpet on the film festival. In 2014, another limited Tribeca watches was launched and it is based on the Pilot series which also has red wine color and grey color. Buyers will have the same treatment as they did in 2013. In addition to the auction, another 100 limited Tribeca steel edition is available, but only are sold in America. As an IWC fan and a film fan, taking a trip to the festival worth everything, and would not be sorry even if you can snatch one of that 100 limited editions Tribeca.