HashFlare promo – Happy Women’s Day!

According to global statistics, the majority of women are mostly indifferent to new economic trends. HashFlare statistics are somewhat, if not totally, different – a considerable part of our users are women who understand the advantages of cryptocurrencies in great detail. That ultimately means it is high time to remind you our reasons to love and care for the humanity’s better half!

We value your wits – and your ability to see through the latest crypto happenings with the speed of light.

We love your care – you always know what to say in the comments to boost our confidence in what we do and what we can do.

We admire your beauty – even the most attractive balance sheets cannot match it.

We wish you to meet this day at its finest and treat yourself with something pleasant. It is your day after all! And keep in mind: flowers and sweets are good classics, but let them rather be an addition to the main present which would really last for a long time.

We also remind you that HashFlare has a spring sale right now, and you have an excellent opportunity to get any contract with a nice 15-20% discount using the promo code. The amount of discounted hashrate is limited.